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Art by Cyril Rolando

I feel like this really expresses each instrument.

Simply beautiful.



Amazing artwork from dCTb. Avatar State and Spiritual State. DeviantArt links are HERE and HERE.

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Whatever I’m tired of looking at this

Now with even higher resolution so you can see my weird taste in patterns and textures! Except not because apparently tumblr resizes PNGs weirdly apparently. Now available through my deviantart! Resolution of the deviantart image is 2393x1102.

Also to the people who gave me suggestions on the WIP (which is barely any different from this version), many thanks!

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I always loved Zutara, but if there’s one thing that didn’t sit right with me it was seeing Katara dressed in Fire Lady clothes in Fanart. She was so proud of her Water Tribe heritage and fought for it so much during the series, it felt like if she hid that she would be hiding part of her identity. And there comes the problem; how could a Fire Lord possibly be with a Water Tribe Chief’s daughter in the world of A:TLA? Despite their obvious chemistry. The nations were still so divided in that world, my hope was always that they’d find a way to combine the nations so people could live more blended and interconnected rather than being seperated by where they came from.

That didn’t happen then, but then along came Republic City in The Legend of Korra. A place where benders of all kinds could live together and suddenly love between Fire Bender and Water Tribe was actually possible and not so problematic, as is allowed to happen with Mako and Korra.

And it just so happened that Zuko and Katara were both involved in the movement that would someday make such a divided love possible in this world, where it hadn’t been before.

(Added disclaimer: The only part of Zutara I am comparing with Makorra is the firebender x watertribe. I think Makorra has… some issues.)

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Airnimation- Final by ~Shtut

IT’S FINISHED..!! Well, sorta finished.. ^^ I’ve decided to make a 4-elements combo sort of thing, not exactly as the Avatar, but.. oh well, you’ll see. ^^


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Avatar Wan, doing his Avatar thing! Can’t wait to hear more about him after the SDCC Korra panel~ (Those of you who manage to make it in, have fun, and please let the rest of us know how it went!) :’D

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Bad guy team!

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"Who am I?"

"You are the Avatar"

Started this two weeks ago when I got bored in class and finally got inspired to finish it. When I finished it, I decided to mess with some animation, so a lot of quality has been lost because I decided to do that. It looks cool though, lol.

Inspired by Scarlet Johannson’s picture on the cover of Bazaar.

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Korra and the elements — a set by sapphire-feather (available as prints and posters)

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I did a thing at night and now me and all my working space including floor are covered by wax. It wasn’t a very good idea.

But it was a relaxing process, though it is messy.

(Colors are different from life because this are night photos )
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I always start out by convincing myself that the picture with just be a quick sketch, but ends up being a full-blown picture. Curse my perfectionist soul.
I haven’t watched or read any Attack On Titan stuff, but I’m going to give it a try after doing such a complicated and detailed picture. I really hope you guys like the picture, and if I made any mistakes on the machinery, please forgive me.
The Legend of Korra x Attack on Titan crossover

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Legend of Wan was so good, man. 

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Somehow I thought drawing Green Lantern Asami Sato would be a great idea.

Help I’ve lost control of my life

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